Fitness equipment Factories how to survive?

Fitness equipment Factories how to survive?

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Jul. 02, 2020

This outbreak of fitness equipment consumption, divided into the need to consume, terrorist consumption, and post-epidemic revenge consumption: the need to consume from fitness, they need to exercise habits, buy the corresponding equipment; And terroristic sex and retaliatory sex expends, come completely from the fear of virus, hope in short-term exercise the body strengthens constitution.

13 years ago, with SARS, there was a similar awareness. According to the statistics of that year, by the end of May 2003, the sales growth of more than 600 sports equipment operating units in China had exceeded 20% , which was 112% higher than that in March.

After SARS, the market for fitness equipment has become more and more segmented: fitness equipment that is practical, versatile and suitable for the decentralized exercise of communities and families will become more popular, and professional gyms, the popularity of private-sector workshops will also increase.

Overall, after the end of the epidemic, industrial development is a major trend, but with the enhancement of people's fitness awareness, and more scientific understanding of fitness, people for the quality of fitness equipment will be higher and higher requirements. Therefore, for fitness equipment manufacturers, quality and service is always the first. Only quality and service can determine how far the enterprise can go in the future.