Physical Fitness Safe

Physical Fitness Safe

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Jul. 29, 2020

1. Lock the weight

Fitness equipment with weight should have similar functional locks. They will maintain the weight when you adjust the appropriate weight for the fitness program. This part of the equipment is always ignored or not noticed, but they play an important role in your personal safety. Therefore, if you buy fitness equipment with weights, please ensure that the equipment you buy has high-quality locks to ensure the safety of you and your family.


2. Integral structure

Fitness equipment must have the best structure to ensure safety. Falling of the support rod may cause serious injury. Be sure to check the materials used on these devices to see if their rods are strong enough to ensure your safety. The durability and quality of rods such as brackets, handles and other supporting structures must be checked to ensure that you get results and avoid potential accidents in the process. Jinao's strength equipment is made of high-quality standard 3mm thick steel pipes, and Jinao fitness equipment will select the welding method according to the design requirements of each product. For products that are not suitable for machine welding, we will purely manual welding to ensure that the welding points are fully firm. .

For safety, please choose a reliable fitness equipment manufacturer and buy from a reputable supplier. They know how to produce safer and more scientific devices, especially in detail.


3. Rust removal and surface coating

Because rust will definitely affect the quality of fitness equipment. To ensure quality and anti-rust equipment, please choose equipment made of high-grade materials.

If these very important details are ignored, they may cause damage and injury in the future.

Jinao gym equipment attaches great importance to the surface treatment of its products, and its surface treatment technology and procedures are slightly higher than those of its domestic counterparts. Before spraying the pipes, we first carry out two rust removal treatments on the pipes.The first step is to rust removal by rolling in the sand , and then acid pickling for more comprehensive and deeper rust removal. We not only derust the outside of the pipe, but also derust the inside of the pipe. Most importantly, Jinao fitness equipment will spray the pipe twice. The surface treatment technology of Jinao not only prevents the inside and outside of the equipment from rusting, no paint falling, more resistant to bumps and scratches, but also guarantees the service life of the equipment. It also makes the surface of the equipment look more three-dimensional, brighter and more high-end.