How to Choose Barbell Weight?

How to Choose Barbell Weight?

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Jul. 29, 2021

5 barbell exercises to make you fall in love with fitness. As a Fitness Product Manufacturer, share with you.

How to choose the weight of a barbell?

Choosing the right barbell weight is the key to training effect.

The choice of weight needs to be specific to the action. If you lift up to 10 times with 50 kg in a certain action, you should choose a maximum weight of 65%-75%, which is most conducive to increasing your muscle dimension.

Lifting Weight Plates

Lifting Weight Plates

Several representative barbell training actions:

1. Deadlift

Deadlift is one of the best exercises to build muscles. This action can stimulate your body's muscles, stimulate your back, buttocks and legs. Pay attention to the movement. The distance between your hands is the same width as your shoulders. Keep your back straight during the process to make full use of the strength of your back.

If the barbell is easy to run forward when practicing deadlifts, you can reduce the weight and do the movements slowly. After the exercise is standard, consider adding weight.

2. Barbell bench press

Barbell bench press can increase the thickness of the pectoralis major muscle. There are three types of bench press: flat, upslope, and downslope. They focus on stimulating different parts of the pectoralis major muscle, as well as the triceps and deltoids.

3. Barbell rowing

Barbell rowing is a multi-joint training exercise that allows you to build strong back muscles and steel-like core muscles! For novices and people with poor control ability, it is recommended to practice with dumbbells or empty bars first, or let a professional to assist and guide.

4. Squat

Squat is a classic movement of leg training, it can stimulate the muscles of the whole body, enhance hormone levels, and improve metabolism. Whether it is muscle gain or fat loss, it is a very efficient action! When squatting, keep your knees out of your legs and stand shoulder-width apart.


Press is a very enjoyable training exercise, mainly exercises the shoulder muscles, and your legs, core and back will also participate. Pressing can improve shoulders and develop good-looking shoulders. Novices should start with an empty shot and try a few more times to find the feeling.

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