Trend of overseas fitness equipment market

Trend of overseas fitness equipment market

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Jul. 09, 2020

The outbreak of the epidemics led to uncertain delivery time, customer plans were disrupted, seeking change is the supply and demand sides have to make the choice.

But I've always believed that a sudden accident doesn't change everything all at once, it just speeds them along.

Mature fitness market in Europe and the United States, home fitness equipment has shown a high-end content-driven products, e-commerce sales of ultra-high cost-effective trend of products. Commercial Equipment, and more and more "civilian" big brand products are sought after.

Asian, African and Latin developing countries in the fitness equipment market, e-commerce is still in the spark stage, ahead of the layout is worth trying action. High-end commercial brands are still in the rising channel, "like God is not like" the product space is limited.

No matter which market, home fitness products will become more cost-effective due to the rapid development of E-commerce, their functions and play more rich. And commercial fitness products will be in the track, training accuracy and efficiency to improve the continuous innovation, to meet more professional needs.

By the way, the Chinese fitness equipment market under the epidemic situation.

We can see the end of the epidemic, home fitness equipment will usher in a small outbreak, e-commerce sellers will be the biggest beneficiaries.